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Industrial Ethernet | Brenner Industrial Sales & Supply

N-TRON Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets highly reliable industrial network products designed to solve the most demanding Industrial Ethernet communications requirements for mission-critical MIS, data acquisition, and control applications. Our customers are engineering and information technology professionals who require Ethernet products to operate in harsh industrial environments with high throughput and minimum downtime.



Compact IEEE 802.3 layer two network switches with automatic speed, duplex and cable sensing built to N-TRON’s high standards for use in mission critical applications where high reliability and extended environment parameters are required. These low cost, Class I, Division 2 switches feature redundant power inputs, hardened metal enclosures, and 16kV port protection.
Fast Ethernet
Serial Devices
Media Converter
Unique layer two unmanaged network switches with the -N firmware option provides network performance monitoring using free N-View OPC monitoring software or any HMI capable OPC Client data point retrieval. These compact switches are built to N-TRON’s high mission critical standards and provide a very low cost network monitoring solution that can be integrated directly into your control system.
Fast Ethernet
Media Converter

Process Control

Fully Managed

These N-TRON Switches are specifically designed to meet the requirements of mission critical PLC and process control applications with Ethernet remote I/O using EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, PROFINET, and other industrial Ethernet communication methods. The 500 Series -A firmware option offers N-View OPC Network Monitoring, IGMP Snooping, VLAN, QoS, Port Control, Trunking, and Mirroring required by many advanced I/O control applications. Little or no configuration is required.
Fast Ethernet
N-TRON fully managed switches incorporate N-View OPC Process Control features and reliability, required by industrial remote Ethernet I/O applications, in addition to features expected in enterprise level devices. Web Browser Setup, RSTP, SNMP, DHCP Server with Option 82 relay, N-Ring 30ms high speed ring management, N-Link high speed Ring Mesh management are a few of many features included in this N-TRON family of mission critical switches.
Fast Ethernet
Layer 3


N-TRON’s Family of IEEE802.11a,b,g,n hardened wireless products provide a powerful solution for industrial applications. Data bandwidths up to 300 Mb/s can be attained using the 802.11n MIMO wireless technology. Their standard powerful transceivers extend network range well beyond that of most commercial wireless products. N-TRON Wireless products can be configured in bridge, router, and station mode in Wireless Service Set (WSS) configurations with WEP or WPA security.
Fast Ethernet

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