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Terminal Blocks | Brenner Industrial Sales & Supply

Terminal Blocks offer high-volume interconnect of control and signal circuitry, when labor cost reduction and ease of assembly is desired. Applications include automated equipment, machine tools, packaging/material handling machinery, railway/mass transit systems, and petro-chemical.

Terminal Blocks

Our terminal blocks are designed for long use under demanding conditions, while reducing inventory and logistic costs. Series Modular terminal blocks are designed to conserve space, while allowing maximum flexibility and simple installation.
High-grade, strain-crack and corrosion proof copper alloys to prevent electrolytic corrosion and rusting.
Screw locking maintenance-free design ensures proper operation and prevents screws from backing out, so tightening of the terminal screws is not necessary.
Metal surfaces are protected with a lead-free, galvanic nickel or tin plating. The electrical conductivity permits only a low temperature rise.
Copper wires can be clamped without pre-treatment or ferrules can be used for splicing protection. Multiple conductors can be connected in the same clamping mechanism, saving space.
Spring cage connection system for applications that are sensitive to vibration exerts a constant force on the wire, resulting in a vibration-proof, gas-tight connection.
Front connection design allows the screwdriver and wire to enter from the same direction, providing easy wiring in tight spaces.
Nylon construction of modular terminal blocks provides anti-tracking and impact resistance.
Breathing Action Clamping Collar permits the collar to breathe as the wire expands and contracts, maintaining a constant and permanent clamping pressure to eliminate loose connections and joint deterioration.
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