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Transformers | Brenner Industrial Sales & Supply

A transformer is a static electrical device that transfers energy by inductive coupling between its winding circuits. All of our transformers are specifically designed to meet Federal Energy Efficiency requirements for voltage transformation as near as practically possible to the load, for economy and distribution of power.

General Purpose Transformers

Industrial Control Transformers

Typically used to step down voltage from a high voltage to a lower, safer voltage. Commonly installed in or on other electrical equipment, such as machinery, switchboards, and motor control centers. Also installed as loose equipment.
Totally enclosed non-ventilated Type 3R enclosure
180°C insulation system
Suitable for indoor our outdoor applications
UL listed and CSA certified

Typically used to step down voltage to a level suitable to operate a variety of electrically controlled devices. Must be installed inside an enclosure, panel, or other structure to provide protection from the surroundings.
Epoxy encapsulated
130°C insulation system
50/60 Hz operation
UL listed CSA certified

Control Power Transformers

Control power transformers allow the use of grounded or ungrounded circuits that are independent of the power or lighting grounds, therefore providing greater safety to the operator. In addition, Eaton’s control power transformers offer solutions where compact construction is a factor.
Pass rigid tests for turns ratio, insulation, continuity and over potential.
Built and tested in accordance with applicable NEMA, ANSI and IEEE standards.